Short version: I quit pursuing life in the entertainment industry and untold riches to become a photographer.

Long version: I'm a 29 year old self-taught photographer who's sought to create photos that embrace femininity, and convey natural expressions and emotions. I've created content for both American and international women's intimate apparel and swimwear brands, written music articles for a short-lived magazine, worked with influencers and fashion bloggers, had my photos featured on Forbes, dabbled in fashion model management, and created social media content for women's boutiques - most notably Per Lei in Media, Pennsylvania.

It should be said that I did not become a quote - unquote lingerie photographer by conscious choice. In fact when I was starting out I had my sights set on the then burgeoning men’s street wear industry; simple poses and stoic expressions. Life often yields twists and turns we do not expect, and lingerie photography fell into my lap. Needless to say I enjoy exploring the creativity of lingerie shoots and the ability to build a scene from the ground up.